Methodology to Self-Coach for Beginners

I am a scholar for four months.
I have set myself a weight loss goal and have watched the entire Stop Overeating Workshop and created myself a sustainable protocol and a list of error thoughts and focus thoughts.
I have used Evernote App with reminders in the mornings, I then prepared index cards that I keep next to my bed and read the first thing in the morning, I then rewritten the entire list on a dedicated notebook and put it next to my bed as my very first morning read, and none of these solutions helped me coach myself in the moment. I keep giving in to new excuses my brain is giving me each day.

I am wondering if you could share how initially your process went when it came to coaching yourself. I assume the process is much more efficient and quicker today, so I wonder for the beginner, what did you find to be the most efficient in terms of the methodology you used?