Monday Hour One

On Sunday, I planned the week.
I started to work again in the office.. so yea.

Monday went okay.
But today, Tuesday, I jumped from one task to the other and than began like I didn’t really do it properly.
I work as a social worker and you get interrupted a lot and also the teenagers I work with are not always in the mood to do stuff. So you can’t hold on to the idea that they will help.. and neither can you plan stuff because maybe they will want to talk more. And its crucial to build a trusting relationship with them.

So because I hustled and didn’t finish properly, I’m angry at myself and just want to quit.

Here is my model:

c: planned the week and put in on the calender or my tuesday plan
t: I hustled from one task to another
f: stressed
a: don’t want to do anything anymore
r: Don’t doing anything properly

c: same
t: I didnt do it right, I didn’t do it properly
f: angry (At myself), not sattisfied
a: check my scedule, think about how I could’ve done better, think about tomorrow, don’t want to do anything
r: Don’t doing anything properly

c: same
t: it doesnt work anyway because I have to be flexible as a social worker
f: hopeless
a: giving up
R: Don’t doing anything properly

what I discovered:
– plan enough time for something (because others might interrupt me)
– plan for “surprises” /new tasks from my boss
– don’t schedule personal things before 6pm

I’m just so bummed and annoyed that I didn’t begin something and finish it.
I was all over the place.. like I didn’t have a plan.

Would love your help on this.