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hi there
thanks so much!

i wrote your thoughts down so i can practice them and what came up is this:
i wrote down:
“if a new thing pops up, i can notice them and move on”
-> it’s hard because i want the result i want to do the thought. for example make pizza dough. but i think i have a thought about having the thought “make pizza dough, look for a recipe so you can make a cake because the coconut water is going to go bad., bike ride to bring my boyfriends family stuff”
these are the main thoughts that popped up during my yoga morning class.

i want to do them but what stresses me out is a thought pattern like this:
oh not again,  new things to do, now i have to think and plan again. I have to find the best possible way to fit everything in my schedule so i’m happy about it.

c: having a thought “make pizza dough, bring stuff to my bf’s family, grocery shopping because the coconut water gets bad and i have to use it.”
t: oh not again! i have to plan and think for the best possible way to fit everything in it.
f: stressed
a: obsess about my stressed feeling, looking for new ways to find peace,
r: me doing things but being stressed

so i guess i have to change that thought.
like when things come up its really a bad thing for me. I have and want to change it to something happier or more neutral.
i make it something really stressful.

i would love to hear your thoughts about it.

pretty happy about how far i’ve come reflecting on this.