mh1 reply 4

i just had another thought pop up:

i have to take time to read my asked questions and answers.
and than i was like, its ok,
but than i’m dissapointed that i don’t do it.

like i have a thought that i have to do something and than i notice it and don’t do it.
and than i’m frustrated or don’t feel i’ve done the best i could … i have to do otherwise i didn’t to it properly

c: having the thought “i have to look at my asked quesions”
T: omg, when are we gonna do that. don’t forget it!
f: stressed, pressured
a: obsessing over it, making a big deal about when to do it and that i don’t have enough time
r: unhappy

like i want to just chill when thoughts come up. but when i don’t do it i feel also not complete like if i would have done it i wouldnt feel annoyed or frustrated.
you know what i mean?