So this week I’m on holiday and I wanted to set myself the goal that I’m gonna try out MH1.
I’ve done it twice but stopped after about one month. This Monday I wanted to gain awareness of why I stopped.
So yesterday, on Sunday evening, I started planning. It didn’t want to but I did it.
did a pretty great job. Than at 11 pm my bf asked me if I could to laundry and I put in on the calendar as he didn’t have any underwear haha.
So I planned to do things from Monday- Wednesday and than enjoy the other days.

So now its Monday 4 pm and I did everything on the schedule and I noticed that other things came up:
wash towels
wash bed linens
when should I make the pizza dough as I have everything I want in the house

And so I started looking at my calendar again.
And I started thinking.. should I do it on the “working” days meaning mo-wed or in my free time? If in my free time I will have to also put it in the calendar.
And I want to prepare for the coaching call tonight with Brooke.

And then I noticed how I have to AGAIN make decisions.. so why bother doing it on Sunday night if I have to deal with it everyday again as new things come up.

I really need some guidance here.
How do you handle this?

Thanks for your suggestions.