MHO Readjusting Schedule

Hi coaches, quick question. Of course, whether to use MHO and how to structure is all about our own personal choices. But… I still would like to ask you a suggestion that is more an inspiration I’d like to try out and see if works for me.

So, it is about the situation that say we have scheduled focus time 10-12 and for any kind of reason you are in the situation where it is 10.30 and you are about to start. Given your experience with all the people you have been coaching around MHO, how do you recommend to readjust?

If I have 10 things to do today and I want to keep the length of each of them intact I’ll start shifting up all the calendarized things till late at night. Otherwise I keep start and end times firmly in place and I open up to the possibility that the allocated time might shrink in some occasion.

Now again I know there is no choice A better than choice B, I am here asking for what you see being the most effective given your experience and with your clients. Thanks