Mid-day depression at work

Hi Brooke,

I have been struggling with the following pattern for a long time: I am typically productive at work in the morning and then again in the late afternoon. However, when I do not have anything scheduled in my agenda in the afternoon (except things I have scheduled for myself, i.e. no meetings but the “real” work that needs to be done: thinking, writing, editing, etc.) I tend to go into a low-energy zone, feel really depressed and struggle with finding motivation, start buffering (by doing useless things, i.e. things that are not work-related) and procrastinate the hell out of my afternoon. Once the clock hits one hour before I need to leave it’s as if the light in my brain gets switched on again, I feel energized (and slightly anxious because I wasted so much time), roll up my sleeves and get work done. Effective then, but always running late. Not good. Do I need the adrenaline kick to get work done? How do I get out of the low-energy depression zone? I seem to wait to feel good before I start working. The irony of course is that I’d likely feel much better if I just got my work done…Thoughts? Thanks so much, Valerie