Middle ground

Hi Brooke!

I am a proud non-people-pleaser. I was raised by and around people pleasers and decided long ago that was not for me. I decided I would choose to be honest and direct, not trying to be abrasive/still trying to be kind in my approach, but not afraid to say no or have a different opinion, etc. So just recently, I have had multiple experiences where close friends and family have pointed out how I have hurt their feelings or said things in a hurtful way, etc. What I want to say is “I can’t hurt your feelings. You should run the model.” But it’s happened often enough that I’m starting to want to take an honest look at myself and see where I can improve in my communication. In all honesty I really think half of it is that I was “blessed” with resting b*tch face lol!! Seriously I have a natural frown. I’ve tried changing it consciously and prayed for the powers of heaven to change it to no avail. 😂 But outside of that… where is the middle ground? – Just not caring what people think? Only caring that I know I don’t mean to be rude and outside of clarifying one more time to try to clear things up, they can deal with their interpretation/what they’re making it mean? I hope this question makes sense. Thank you!!!!!