Middle Management Leadership Struggles

Hi! I work in a school district and am a Department Head. I oversee the Science Department. I am struggling with my position in “middle management” trying to act as a bridge between the Superintendent/District Initiatives and teachers. In my opinion, we don’t have a clear vision as a district on what we are hoping to cultivate in students and we are not all on the same page in terms of the “rigor.” Parents want students to get into good colleges (regardless of what they “learn”), the Board of Education wants high test scores, the teachers want to equip the students for their futures but feel like the parents, counselors, and administration are enabling the students.

C-(the above information)
T-I suck at this, don’t want to do this
F-Inadequate, frustrated
A-Look for other jobs, ruminate on how I suck at my job, can’t think clearly, don’t think of proactive ways to move forward, not sure what to do next
R-things stay the same

The result I want is:
R- have a 3-5 year plan that has us all working together towards what’s best for the students

The problem is, that there are so many politics to navigate and so much ego that’s involved that no-one is willing to talk openly and honestly about what is currently happening and what we can work together to make happen.

I feel stuck- help!!