I am working on how I can accept and be okay with my midsection while also learning how to end my desire for overeating to improve it. I did this model today and I am not really sure if my “r” line is right & would love any feedback to start becoming more patient with myself and the process.

C: saw my midsection in mirror
T: I gotta get rid of that
F: horrified
A: not evaluate past overeats but judge myself for them, worry about overeating in future, get impatient with the weight loss/workout journey
R: continue to repeat the same cycle instead of evaluating my overeats and working on them from a non-rushed, compassionate place

I also have this one:
C: using evaluation process for overeats afterwards
T: I don’t really know how to pinpoint the thought that drives overeats the most
F: unsure
A: write down a couple guess thoughts I think could’ve led to overeat, wonder what to think instead, avoid going deeper into evaluation
R: continue to repeat overeating