C: MIL helping
T: she’s driving me insane
F: infuriated
A: I throw a tantrum, slam on breaks, huff, ignore her
R: I’m insane

C: MIL helping
F: amused
A: observe without reacting
R: I have control over myself and am not reactive

New thought help please. My mother in law is always helping me, anticipating me, waiting on me hand and foot. It is so sweet once and a while but she’s now living with me to help while I’m pregnant and have a broken foot. I am loosing it- I’m turning into a crazy person. I remind myself of what I look liked as a teenager ha.

Just this afternoon she asked something of me super simple in the car- to move something in the trunk and to pull over, the item was making a noise. I told her it was fine and not to worry about it. She kept insisting so I slammed on the breaks pulled over and let her move the item. I filed all the way home, it felt terrible and I was watching myself in disbelief. Ha I never normally act like this. My thought is that she’s driving me insane. I want to get my own fork, and my own water. I don’t want to be waited on. But wait on me she will. I’m trying to be amused by her. I can sometimes get there but only when she’s waiting on my husband and he gets annoyed. Any help would be appreciate