Milk sugars & Less food as you weigh less?

So I totally get the no calorie counting thing…well, I’m getting it slowly. But because we’ve always been taught that as you lose weight, you decrease the amount of food you’re eating, I’m wondering how that will look for me as someone who has over 100 lbs to lose. I know you have to dial in your protocol when you get close to goal but for the next 60-75 lbs, will I be generally eating the same amount of food without sugar and flour or will I have to reduce portions or will my body just keep losing with the same stuff going in. I know everyone’s body responds differently but I’m curious what the general trend is.

Also, whole milk has 12g sugar per serving yet milk is listed as a protein source in your SO workbook. Should we be concerned about milk sugars? I’ve been getting a flat white from Starbucks which is whole milk and espresso and I’m okay switching to coffee and heavy cream but I’d like to have the flat white from time to time as well. Is this another thing that will just be something we have to test out for ourselves?

Only 4 days off sugar and most flour and already getting less hungry by the day. Cutting out all flour next week!