Million dollar question

Hi Brooke!
So I have had some insight on why I don’t want to do the math of what I would do with 10 million let alone 1 million dollars.

Since I’ve always been taken care of financially by either a parent or partner I feel like I don’t deserve to make money. I also realized that I feel too immature to be able to take care of myself. Yuck, this is a terrible way to think of myself but I did the work and this is where I’m at. How do I teach myself new thoughts like I am mature and able to provide for myself. I also am thinking the thoughts that since everyone always thinks I’m broke and can’t afford anything, that I just fulfill that thought as well and never actually move forward.

I’m also embarrassed that at my age, I haven’t made much money and have wasted student loan money even though I ended up with a degree. I know I am beating myself up over this stuff for sure but this has been an ongoing thought for about 20 years now. How do I start believing I am capable, mature and strong when I don’t believe this yet.
Thanks so much. I do want to say that I am proud of myself for getting to the bottom of my money beliefs but need some thoughts moving forward.