Millionaire Mindset

I have a goal to have a net worth of a million dollars in one year. When I picture what I would be thinking and feeling and doing it is very different than me now.  Right now I wake up thinking about money, how much we have, what we’ve spent and how to save more. It is a very scarce mindset and sometimes I think about it all day. I feel quite worried and fear about it that “we don’t have enough”. I spend hours trying to figure out how to get more and thinking about my mindset of money.

I picture my millionaire self waking up not even thinking about money. She has more than enough, loves money, is grateful and confident she knows how to take amazing care of it. She is focused on her health, her family, her business and soaking up every second with her young kids. Money isn’t a worry because she has more than enough. I picture her overall feeling being abundant. Thinking she is so grateful for what she has.

I know how to currently generate a feeling of abundance very easily but the current me feels doubt that just embodying a feeling of abundance is going to get me to my goal. I think, “Yah I can feel abundant but I still don’t have what I want”.  I would love some help trusting that if I embody abundance and my future self, I will create my goal.