Mind. Blown. (Pow!)

I want to thank you most particularly for your answer to my question a few weeks ago in which I said I had lived a pretty perfect, sheltered life so far, and worried it would make it hard for me to coach people going through (what they perceive as) more serious difficulties.

You blew my mind by responding “You have lived on the planet and thought thoughts that make you feel like you have a perfect life. This is a skill and an art. Many people need to learn what you do naturally.”

I have been thinking about it ever since, and now I realize that I have been through what many people (i.e. people who don’t know about circumstances being neutral 😉 ) would call hardships, including post-partum depression, a major health scare during my second pregnancy, an autoimmune disease (which I obviously still live with), and close relatives suffering from mental illness or neurological disorders.

Now I see how different people could create different stories around these circumstances than I do, and I have been very interested to explore the thoughts I have about them that I kind of cruise through and don’t think of them as hardships. Mostly those thoughts are along the lines of feeling grateful when things could have been much much worse, feeling grateful that I have amazing people to support and love me, and generally just believing that I am lucky.

I hope this doesn’t sound like I’m tooting my own horn. Certainly it’s pleasant for me to realize this, but I’m mostly interested, as you suggested, in articulating how I do this unconsciously, so I can help others do the same if they come to me.

So thank you for blowing my mind, once again. 🙂