Mind chatter causing indecision

I want to start taking ninja warrior classes. And also pole dancing. And maybe regular dance, too. And rock climbing? So all of these things are available and I just get so stuck in my head trying to pick a darn class. I start to make lists of clubs, then I look at them all, wonder if they have parking, look for adult classes, then I wonder if the place is what I want, then I call and there’s no answer (they’re open during covid I checked).

I just seem unable to actually make a decision and am getting lost in mind-chatter. Then I wonder if I have anything appropriate to wear, and I think about trying to go on a diet, or how long it will take to get there with traffic. There’s so much chatter that I can’t make a decision, I can’t focus, and end up doing nothing.

How can I begin to unravel this?