Hi, I recently wrote in about my mother in law and some thoughts I was having about her. The coaching was amazing and I was coached that I basically don’t need to solve for all of my mind chatter, I can witness it and move on. I am doing a model on it and have some follow up questions.

C “mind chatter”
T This is just mind chatter
F Acceptance
A Look for thoughts that seem like chatter (SUGGESTIONS ON THIS PLEASE), notice if thoughts feel true, ask myself do these thoughts serve me, look for old programming around “being taken advantage of”, thoughts on my weight, being not good enough, judging other people, thoughts that create drama where there is none
R I am on to my own mind chatter

Does this seem like a realistic model? My R is that I want to start to be aware of the thoughts that are just mind drama but it seems like its not always so black and white. Some coaching here would be appreciated. I do love the idea of also just not solving for all thoughts and moving on.. maybe something like

C Mind chatter
T I don’t need to solve for every unwanted thought
F Peace
A give myself permission to let these thoughts go, not plug into or solve for every thought, keep moving forward?
R Even though I have unwanted thoughts I still show up as I want to?