my mind and life is all over the map

I am new to scholars. My initial focus was weight loss and seems to be doing well with staying on protocol. I have become increasingly aware of how in most areas of my life, I operate in mode of reacting to the immediate or what is in front of me verses proactively. The result is I feel overwhelm much of the time. I am really struggling with my schedule and using my time in a way that allows me to get the things I want for my life, e.g. a successful coaching practice, time for self-care, time with family, etc. I tend to get so distracted throughout the day and don’t have an effective way to stay on track with what I want to get done every day. I have considered getting a planner that allows me to plan out every hour of my day to include sleep, morning routine and all of my appointments. I struggle with daily focus and commitment to the things that I need to do and know my thoughts have a role in this. I just can’t figure out how to move forward. I welcome any suggestions you have for me.