Mind Management & Emotions


I have been really diving into so many of the excellent resources in here and podcasts, and I stumbled on one (that I can’t remember where it was…I think it was the one on introducing the fab new CEO)…that talked about feminine energy, and being a leadership/person/woman who should embrace feminine energy and emotions but not come to the workplace with un-processed emotions because then you look like a complete unprofessional mess because you haven’t “managed the mind” (processed the issue, unpacked the things that are getting in your way, gone to therapy etc…). And I wanted to ask more on this subject, because I loved it.

Can a coach comment on how to express feminine energy, emotion and vulnerability from a place of “having their mind well managed and cleaned up” vs. not. For example…it’s okay to cry as a leader because you’re emotional, but you don’t get to be a complete head case and process your emotions with your team (before you’ve done your own work)…that’s not vulnerability that’s just immaturity.