mindset model for weight loss

I need help with changing my mindset around my body and weight loss. I did a model and wanted to see if I’m doing it correctly.

c: my current weight
t: I am overweight, I am fat, nothing is working , I am sick and tired of having weight issues, I hate the way I look, I have to find a diet that works !
f: angry, sad, irritated, frustrated, inadequate, hopeless, disgust, critical
a: drink wine then eat crap and spend a lot of time looking for the perfect diet online, over workout during the day
r: current weight.

c: current weight
t: I have a healthy body, I am meant to be in a thin body
f: gratitude, peaceful. scared, unsure
a: make a protocol and stick to it, mediate, brain dump, model work
r: my weight is heading in the direction of my goal weight