A quick couple of questions: I have noticed that sometimes I get enough relief just by doing a thought to download. As an example, I was feeling particularly stressed the last few days about a particular topic and after feeling so much relief from doing the thought download just now and uncovering the actual thoughts I was having around it, I didn’t want to “risk it” by staying with it and doing a full model.

My first question: is that quite common to get relief just from uncovering the thought? I find it so interesting (and great!) that I don’t even need to look at changing the thought, just uncovering it lifts the feeling. Perhaps I’d been carrying another thought around on top of it like “I’ll never figure this thought out” and so the thought “I’ve uncovered the thought!” was the thought bringing the relief?!

Second question – I’d love feedback on the model I did around this. Does the R properly relate to/provide evidence for the T line do you think? I think so! But with words like “delicate” I wondered if I “should” have asked a further question “why’s this a problem?” Or “”what am I making this mean?”, in which case I might have put in the T line “I mustn’t look at it” or “I will hurt it if I explore it” and then my R could be “I hurt myself by not diving in more fully to my thought work”.

C. My mindset about tomorrow
T. It is so delicate
F. Afraid
A. Avoid thinking about it. Worried that by not thinking about it I’m not gaining control over it. Sort of think about it “lightly “from “a far “. Closely observe, monitor my feelings so that I don’t “go to“. Put off doing any further work with it. Don’t trust myself to go “through the other side” if I do dive deeper into it. Don’t explore it fully or use it as an opportunity for further growth. Don’t trust the process. Don’t allow for The 50:50. Don’t be willing for it to “fail”. Don’t embrace the process for my overall commitment to personal growth.
R. I treat it delicately-but don’t take care of my fuller self (miss the opportunity to better my mind work overall aside from this one topic)

Guidance/feedback appreciated 😊