Minimalism and new home!

Hey Brooke,

This one may be a little silly compared to most questions but here goes…My family (husband, three teens) just moved from a six-bedroom home in the suburbs to a fabulous flat in the city. It’s a dream property in an incredible neighborhood. We all feel very lucky to be here. I am now tasked with getting us settled in and am trying very hard to only bring in the absolute best of what we own. Both my husband and I hate clutter and are dedicated to creating a streamlined, more minimalist home. But to be honest, I am a deeply sentimental person and also pretty frugal, so it’s hard for me to let go. Before we moved we gave away a big chunk of our things, now we are in process of doing it all over again as we recognize the reality of our smaller home. So, basically, I am doing, but it is hard and slow. I keep telling myself “you can do hard things” and I visualize the outcome I want but my brain indulges in thoughts like “you will never have an organized home, that’s just not your gift”, “this project will take too long”, “you should just give up, it’s never going to work”. I know compared to lots of problems in the world this isn’t huge but it’s what I am experiencing right now. Lastly, I’ve been going through lots of old journals and goal sheets and having an organized home has been on my mind for YEARS. I would love to conquer once and for all. Any hints?