Minimum baseline and 30 day goal

Hi coaches

Please can you help me reconcile minimum baseline and getting things done/30 day goal?

I have a goal thought of: “I can rely on myself to follow my calendar no matter what”. That’s the meta-skill I want to develop.

Within my calendar is scheduled time to work on my 30 day goal of writing 20 blog posts for my website.

I followed this for 2 weeks and then stopped (T: you don’t need to do it today because of the world situation / I can’t write today so let’s just leave it / you deserve to relax today / you might be homeless soon so just enjoy reading in bed while you still have one, rather than work on your goal- lol at my primitive brain).

(FYI was not following all of calendar during this time).

I realised I set my goal somewhere between minimum baseline and perfectionist fantasy.

If I really want to build integrity with myself by following my calendar, but also want to achieve my goal, what should I be ‘doing’ (I know it’s about how we think, but hope you can see what I mean)?

Should I set a minimum baseline goal? E.g. 5 blog posts in 30 days (or whatever)?
And then manage my mind around this ‘not being enough’?

C: calendar tasks
T: I know I’m not going to do this
F: frustrated
A: procrastinate, avoid, dither, ruminate, do unscheduled tasks to feel busy
R: Don’t do what I had planned

Another related question: how do we apply minimum baseline to a deadline? Where there isn’t the ‘time’ to work up to a sustainable working habit?

Thank you so much

The only thing keeping you from your goals is your thinking.

You get to decide if you want to feel the discomfort of keeping your commitment to follow your calendar (even when you don’t want to) or feeling the discomfort of not keeping commitments to yourself.

You kept your commitment to yourself for two weeks.

What were your thoughts during that time with regards to your goals of following your calendar?

What was the feeling the fueled the action of following your calendar for two weeks?

Here are a few thoughts to try on…

I am becoming a person who follows my calendar.

I know exactly how to meet my deadline.

I can make following my calendar fun.