Minimum baseline and my lower brain doing its dance of ‘this ain’t enough!’

Hey coaches.

I hope you are well. I love your work.

I am learning to use MB, allowing urges and thoughtful calendaring to proactively ‘get shit done’ rather than (a T:) ‘float around doing things at the last minute and never really getting anywhere’

I calendar my day the eve before and – for the first time since starting this type of work 6 months ago – really ask myself what I can see myself doing and schedule very thoughtfully.

I’ve had some ‘success’ with this in that I am following my calendar, but LB is piping up, of course.

I do TW in the morning about what I have on that day and do some modelling around the task/s I least likely want to do (this has been awesome).

Anyway. LB this morning when looking at schedule created last night :

This is not enough for the day
I should be doing more with my day
Other people do loads more than this every day yet you are proud when you get this little bit done, you are therefore a misguided loser.

I KNOW LB freaks out at minimum baseline and as I said, I am seeing ‘success’.

T: I should be doing more with my day
F: inadequate
A: panic that I am not doing TW or MB ‘right’, forget reason why we purposefully chose to calendar this thoughtful way – to build integrity with self – forget that I am much more likely to do extra if I have a thoughtful calendar (although this is not the goal), rush through tasks to create space for extra things, do not enjoy the day
R: show self I am not enough right now (is this a good R?)


C: schedule
T: This is the way to build the skill of following my calendar
F: trusting (is that an F?)
A: Follow schedule already created last night, allow LB to sing it’s chorus about it not being enough without listening, do not compare myself to other people, remind myself of progress made already.
R: Build the skill of following calendar.

What do you think?