Minneapolis – riots

I live in a suburb outside of Minneapolis. We are currently safe but do not know what will be unfolding in the next few days. I’m feeling so overwhelmed and sad about what is happening in our cities, the anger, frustration, the hurt. I’m scared because I don’t know if there will be more violence spreading out into that our area, I am sad and feel helpless to know what to do to help stop racism. I know that my behavior and actions can be a part of helping that but it seems so small. I can’t control how a police force acts, how protestors act only me. This on top of the Coronavirus that is supposed to peak here is going to stress our cities. I’m overwhelmed by feelings of doom and gloom .

C: riots in Minneapolis
T: I have no control over this
F: overwhelm
A: playing out different scenarios in my mind of what could happen, watching the news, trying to block out negative thoughts,
R : remaining fearful, overwhelmed sad and feeling powerless

I’ve tried to create an intentional model but I can’t get past the circumstance. I really do feel that I have zero control of the rioters, I can’t see how that is not a fact.

Thank you for your help on this!