Miracles Happen

Hello Brooke,
You have always said stop drinking and you will find out why you do… my shift, awakening, ah ha! moment came on New Year’s Eve. I have been in SCS since June, utilizing the stop over drinking tools faithfully, not always perfectly…
My dilemma for 2018 was to pick one goal! You kept saying pick one, choose one, Only ONE!
I wanted to give notice at my job of 10 years to pursue my passion,
my business full time, but was fearful of having idle time that I might drink more.
My second relationship ( after a 30 year marriage) ended Dec. 30th. On Dec. 31st, NYE, I made the decision to take a 30 day break from drinking. It was as if a switch went off in my brain, a huge shift in awareness. I don’t have desire or urge to drink when not in an intimate relationship. Now I can & did pick ONE goal. I gave my notice on Jan. 8th. DAY 30 of NOT drinking, my mind has exploded, with creativity & focus! I think the reason I began to drink after my 30 year marriage ended, is I am not comfortable with sex outside of marriage. I am ok with that thought for now. I want my stack of worksheets on not drinking to be bigger than my drink plans, write, learn & move on…
Thank you Brooke for creating a program that continues to give the Example of what is Possible!
So grateful for the awareness, experiencing emotions and growth!