Misplacing value – MM

Hieee! I’m trying to run a model and I’m needing some help. I feel like the manager/receptionist at our shop is more valued than those of us who are actually bringing in revenue. She is supposedly working for the shop and us but it feels like she only works for the owner. It’s like the sun rises and shines with her and I don’t really get it. She runs the shop and takes inventory, does the ordering and receiving but we the stylists, when we ask her to do something for us, she forgets a lot of the time and then our schedule gets messed up. I know I’m making this about my stuff and I’m trying to shift my thinking here. C – Her value T – She is of more value than I am F – jealusy A – carry a chip on my shoulder R – I don’t matter. Intentional model C – Her value T – Her value has nothing to do with mine F – empowered A – I value myself R – I feel valued.