Missed 2 weeks of homework in Connections- how do I catch up?

I missed homework for weeks 2 & 3 and I’d like to ask for some help and guidance how to catch up. When I was about to start week I went on a week-long trip, which disrupted my usual routine and I did not show enough commitment. On the first day of my return home due to the Coronavirus situation my work demand has doubled and I found myself so exhausted at the end of the day that I did not feel at all like doing any Scholars work on this topic, which has emotional charge for me. In short, I was feeling overwhelmed and unwilling, so I did not do anything. I did not schedule a single coaching session and I have listened to one or two coaching call recordings. Maybe I did not have the courage to face my emotions that I feel terribly disconnected and my fear that I cannot change this no matter what. This morning I decided to open the workbook and now in addition to the fear and feeling disconnected I am beating myself up for not being more committed. Now with one week away from the new month, I’d like to go back and at least make some effort to take something away from this very important topic for me. By the way, as I am writing my question I feel shame because I am afraid that the coach who will be reading this will be judging me. What a mess! Could you please offer some guidance how I should continue and make the most out of this month?