Missing BF/ sadness when apart

This continues to happen:
After a great weekend with my BF I come home and I get sad. I miss him and want to be with him more and more. Honestly I know it’s soon but I can see a forever with him and would move in with him now if I could but we are not there yet.

I used to get so sad over our weekends ending that I would cry. This is the first close to a weekend together that I recall not crying but I do feel sad.

The recent challenges that change you podcast is holding me together. I’m tired of being sad this way and need some assistance with changing my thoughts around this. At one point my thoughts were more negative. This course is helping me to turn things around.

Per the podcast – I also accept that it’s okay to miss him. What I find myself doing that the podcast
advises against is trying to tell myself that it’s not okay to be sad about missing him and I tell my myself it’s silly and I’ll see him again so snap out of it. This is not helping. Can you elaborate more on not fighting these feelings?

Thought Download
1. I am so happy about the time we spent together.
2. The time we spend together is special.
3. I am excited to to see how this relationship progresses.
4. I adore this man and am eager/impatient for it to move forward faster.
5. I wish I could spend more time with him.
6. Being with him feels so good.
7. I feel lucky and excited to have him in my life.

C. My time with my BF for now has ended.
T. I am sad to not have him with me now.
A. Miss him
F. Sad
R. ??

c. My time with my BF for now has ended.
T. I am so excited to see where our relationship goes.
A. Think about the fun times we had.
F. Excited
R. ??