Missing Cravings

I recently switched over to a more Keto type diet and I am not hungry as often anymore. You would think I would be so happy about that. But I find myself missing my cravings. I am trying to get my hands around it.

C Keto type (not full on but way more fats) meal plan
T I am bummed that I can’t use hunger as an excuse to overeat sweets
F Surprised
A Lean into coaching to see what is really going on, curious as to why I am not happier that I don’t have cravings anymore, moan my old lifestyle?, ask for help
R I realize that I have been using my actual hunger as an excuse to eat sweet food

It’s like my body is not craving sweets anymore but my brain is like, hey isn’t this where we are allowed to eat sweets because we are hungry. I find myself thinking or even missing my cravings but I am literally not hungry for hours and am a bit on the struggle bus with that. I would love some insight here thank you!