Missing him

My long distance relationship boyfriend and I haven’t talked for a long time.

It’s been 17 days that we haven’t had proper communication/ texts.

Before that it was also not much as compared to what we had in the beginning months of our relationship.

I asked him what’s happening and he said he’s losing his job and he’s sad. He said he will talk when things are all okay.

I understand that and I want to give him space to do what he wants or at least take care of himself first.

But also sometimes I kind of feel lonely, disappointed, worried, upset, and sad because we haven’t talked for so long.

I feel worried that our relationship won’t work out because we have lost our communication.

Sometimes I really want to talk to him but I feel like I can’t.

Sometimes I wish he could figure this all out and talk to me.

Yeah, I am worried that he will lose interest towards me and that he might just move on with his life because we don’t have that communication and real-life connection.

I just don’t know. I kind of want to talk to him and cuddle him and be with him but it kind of sucks that he isn’t talking to me.

I think my main thought is he will lose interest towards me eventually and stop talking to me.

Because yeah at least if he loved me he would at least text sometimes and just text for a while.

I go through a lot of problems in my life and I do make time to talk to him. So I am also kind of a little bit mad that he can’t do that and am taking that as a reason that he doesn’t have the interest towards me or he doesn’t love me much.