Missing pieces to my puzzle

Hi Brooke,
Signed up right after your fantastic stop overeating webinar last week and so glad I did. I’ve been working on letting go of all the things I do to buffer, for the same reasons you state… I don’t want to block myself from life or negative emotions, I want to be able to deal with ANYTHING. How awesome that you are doing this work, which is providing all the missing pieces of the puzzle for me.

I’m 46 years old, 5’-4” and weigh 156 lbs (was 160 the day of your webinar). Want to weigh 120 (less than I ever dreamed I’d get to again!). I’d already given up sugar, caffeine, and alcohol; immediately after your webinar I gave up flour, and the next day starting eating only between 10:30 and 6:30 (2 meals, brunch and dinner).

My protocol question is around starches and fruit. I want to only cut out frequencies of those, not dropping either of them altogether, since I want to eat this way forever, even when I’m maintaining. If I gave up fruit it might be an issue to add it back in, am I understanding all this correctly? Yesterday I had wild rice at lunch with my salad, and a small potato at dinner with my 4 oz steak, plus a ¼ of an apple. Didn’t lose a pound yesterday. I’m sure I have hormone issues as up until a year ago I drank a can of Coke every day and you can imagine a lot of the time my diet was a free-for-all of craving inducing foods.

Question: How often do you think I should have grains and starchy vegetables while I’m losing weight? Also, is there a better time of the day to eat fruit – brunch or dinner?

Thanks Brooke!