Missing puzzle

Hi Brooke,

I just joined SCS and I am new to your work but I am very grateful to my friend that told me about your podcasts three weeks ago. After listening to just few of them I knew I want you to be my coach. I learned something I was looking for a long time. This one thing that was missing in all my knowledge – thoughts create feelings! I knew I need to feel feelings because they eventually disappear when I let them but I was feeling bad most of the time. You told me why! By the way “Why?” is my favourite question.

I started to dig in my thoughts and realised that there is this “Drill Sergeant” that is treating me terrible and demand perfection. Now I know that when I get rid of “him” I can finally be myself and accomplish truly what I want. I opened my own coaching business some time ago but it is not going well. Lately I was very close to quit because I only put money there. Now I am curious where this whole journey will take me.

Since I haven’t red or saw most of your material yet. I have a question where to go first with my problem which is beliefs. How I change something that I believe, that is making me feel bad without lying to myself?

Thank you so much for showing me where my missing puzzle was!
Have a nice day,