Missing the struggle

I was doing the urge jar work. I hit 100 urges and hadn’t lost a pound. After 2 weeks I changed my protocol, simplified it and made it as ‘boring’ as it had been to date. I started to lose weight after that.
With a new level of commitment, my experience of urges changes completely. Because giving in to an urge stopped being an option what so ever I felt exceptionally capable of allowing any and all I stopped registering them long enough to count them as urges. They didn’t go away. But its almost as if the act of simply registering that they were there dissipated them. Because there was no space to consider acting on them.

I’ve entered into a new level of ease with this work I am crazy excited about. And of course, don’t want to go back into making it a struggle. But I am so familiar with this work and I’ve been doing “weight loss” since I was 15 a part of me misses it. Simply because it is familiar probably. And I can recognize that.

Letting go of ‘missing it’ because I’ve identified with it feels like the final step.

What would be a good way of doing that?