Mistake at work

Hi Brooke,

I’ve made a pretty significant mistake on a project at work. I’m thinking that I hate myself, I should be fired, I should not do this kind of work anymore, I suck at it, I should just find a husband and quit working.

The thing is, I’ve struggled with this for the last four years. And I watched your videos on managing a team and my manager isn’t a good fit for me. He doesn’t hold me to high standards and we’ve become friends which definitely complicates the situation. He doesn’t give me clear expectations and I’m having to manage HIM. Basically in my annual review he said my best skill is that I’m working to grow myself (he knows about scholars) so basically nothing related to my actual job. It could also be because my job responsibilities are not clear. And the reason I need scholars is because of all the negative thoughts I have about my job. Kind of funny.

I don’t know if it’s a fact that I’m not good at my job or if I’m making a mistake mean that about me. My boss says no. But what would it look like to move on from this C? If I actually do suck at my job, what would that look like?