Hello! I left my job one year ago to start my own business. I have been pretty unsuccessful so far ( the worst case scenario played out). I cannot find more clients thus not making any money. I am desperate not to lose my current clients. I feel like a fraud with them. I end up making mistakes because I am too nervous and I feel like the world is about to end. I cannot sleep nights about some emails, lash out at my family. My models are: UM- C: Mistake T: I am terrible at what I do F: Self-loathing A: Do not sleep R: Do not show up as I want. IM- C: Mistake T: Mistakes are a normal part of life F: Acceptance A: Sleep R: Show up as my best self. I understand that I making my mistakes mean terrible things about myself. But intentional model does not help. I do not want to quit my business. I know it is impossible but I am planning to make 100K in 2019. I want to find the right model to face any mistake. I want to feel like no mistake can stop me. Please help!!!