mixed models ok?

I tend to end up doing models that start out unintentional and half way through (usually at the action line) changes to an intentional model. I made the second model intentional here.

I remember hearing during one of the podcasts that this can start happening that you shift to an intentional model mid-stream… even in your head! I feel like I do not need to force myself into the unintentional model in the second half UNLESS I end up knowing that I really have not processed a feeling and actions that create a result I don’t want.

So, my question is – is it important to dig up and complete the unintentional model with the result I don’t want if have I already shifted to a result I wanted? I realize that the original feeling did not create the intentional result. I hope I am clear here. Is it imperative to always follow through and with the unintentional model just to see what the result would be if I went that route even though somehow I always shift during writing and doing my action to the desired result?

I do know that with heavier issues more complex or important circumstances I would do an unintentional model to determine the lines as it can be difficult when I’m in the middle of it. Of course, as Scholars always says, it helps to build awareness so that you can work toward or design an intentional model that you will work toward and believe in eventually.

C Grading reports for students
T I hate doing this so I want to eat something
F Desire to distract
A Stopped and did model right away start to find thoughts about you need to do this; do it to get it done; think “don’t procrastinate”; grade the papers and don’t eat anything
R Mixed model yes but result I control my urges to eat and get the work done I need to do.

C Grading reports for students
T I need to grade these papers and submit grades
F Proud
A Stopped and did model right away. Start to find thoughts I need to do this  – “do it to get it done. Don’t procrastinate. Grade the papers don’t eat anything”
R I can control my urges to eat and get the work done I need to do.