Mixed Models

I am mixing models and I know it, but I’m wondering a bit about whether the unintentional model is at all relevant when it’s never leading to a potential action.

So this is my unintentional model:
C – Lost 2 kg in 12 days.
T – Scales has only moved 2 kg in 12 days.
F – Unmotivated.
A –
R –

Intentional model:
C – Lost 2 kg in 12 days.
T – It’s happening.
F – Determined.
A – Staying on track with my diet.
R – Honoring my commitment.

I realize that the action could be that I don’t stay on my diet when I have that thought and therefore definitely won’t lose any more weight. But I’m committed to this so that won’t be happening. I guess I’m just feeling unmotivated and frustrated with how slow it is, and perhaps I should focus on this model instead to accept that it’s meant to be slow.