Mixing Models

I understand what you said about mixing models because we have changed our thought in the middle of it. But is it possible to also have a model where the T and F drives a positive action?

In my thought download, my thoughts were about how I’m not getting enough vegetables in my meals and how I want to stop half-assing with my Protocol.

Unintentional thought pattern:

C – weight loss
T – I’m half-assing  with Protocol
F – anger and disappointment
A – argue with myself and beat myself up
R- keep playing with protocol

C – weight loss
T – I want to stop playing around with Protocol
F – anger and disappointment
A – do better with eating (or is it – I keep choosing foods not on protocol)
R- follow protocol (eating on protocol 5/7 days)

Parentheses is what I’m thinking it should be. But what I actually wrote is do better with eating and follow protocol because I believe that my anger and disappointment today is motivating me to make the change. On a different day, I can see where it could cause me to rebel and eat whatever.

Intentional thought pattern:

C – weight loss
T – I’m on a mission to reach goal
F – motivated
A- follow protocol
R – lose weight