Moday Hour One – need help with unusual schedule

I need some help with adapting Monday Hour One to my life.
I work 3 days a week an hour from home, 2 days are back to back 9a-7p, then 7a-5p. The other day is an 8-5 schedule. The days rotate in a 4 week recurring pattern. I usually have a block from 9-10:45am on my 9-7 and 3-5p on my 7-5 day, but sometimes the block is not added (I am not granted permission to place blocks, have requested several times) and appointments are placed all day long. I see patients back to back except for an hour for lunch and previously mentioned (usually) blocked time. Sometimes people arrive on time and we stay on schedule, sometimes not.
I’m doing this for 3 more weeks then going on maternity leave for 3 months. Then I’ll be back to same schedule for a month, then done working with this company and working to start my own patient business.
I have a nearly 2 year old and soon will also have a newborn. I really love the idea of Monday Hour One and feel like it could help me be more efficient during this transition period. I do not know when my baby will be born, or when he or she will eat or sleep after birth. I have some ideas of transitional difficulties my son could have, but it’s pretty hard to know what tactics may help until I try them. But I do know that I’ll have things to research and plan for the new office, policies to establish, marketing, and many other things.
I am looking for advice on how to best manage this time with its many unknowns. I do not believe I am indulging in confusion, as it seems widely agreed upon that newborns are not known for their predictable schedules. Though I think some of it will become more predictable once baby arrives.
I do not want to just throw my hands up and not do anything because of this being harder to figure out. Should I try to do Monday Hour One scheduling until maternity leave starts, then revamp it once baby comes? I know I can do focus time at work some days, but I can’t make them not schedule patients in certain slots (I have tried), so thoughts on Focus Time for days that don’t have blocks? I am trying to avoid feeling overwhelmed with trying to shove my life into Monday Hour One scheduling when the fit isn’t straightforward. And is Focus Time on my weekdays home something to strive for? I would need to hire a babysitter to do that, as I am unwilling to leave my toddler on his own for 2 hours in the house. It would take a long time to clean up, is a safety hazard to him and my possessions, and would be emotionally stressful for him to be left alone so long with no access to me.
Guidance and suggestions are appreciated.