model 1 – i would like your input on that

Model 1
C: my friend tells me: I can’t hang out with you this Saturday, because we (her roommate and her) have friends coming from Germany

t: she has such a great, doubtless, carless, adventurous life with many friends.

f: jealous, anxious, doubtful

a: act offended, because she doesn’t want to hang out with me. Questioning my life and my relationship. Pitty myself.

r: not being proud of my life and my relationship

Now that I think about that I’ve always felt like others life are cooler and better. And mine is just sad and I’ve always wanted their families, their jobs, their friends etc.

crazy right?

So here we go:

C: same

t: its time to be proud of my life too! Cause none of the circumstance will make me feel this pride and love and happiness. Only I can do that. And it’s super easy, because I have an amazing, caring family and a wonderful boyfriend.
F: strong, love, peace
A: appreciate what I have and be happy for my friend.
R: enjoying my life