Model – 16/66

I had a good bed routine with the kids until January when we went in total lockdown for 2 months with homeschooling and working from home.

We were used to turn off screens and get ready to go to bed by 8:30pm latest. Now it can happen that it is 10pm.

C- Kids went to bed at 930pm tonight
T- This is my fault, I should start the evening routine earlier
F- Exhausted
A- I procrastinate when it is time to give them cereals before bedtime, which delays the time they go to bed.  When I am already settled in bed, I don’t get up and start the evening routine at 7:45 pm as I used to. I give myself excuses not to do it. I rush everybody to go through bedtime routine when I finally decide to move.
R- We are under pressure and not relaxed just before bed time.

How can I break the cycle of starting my bed time routine late and go back the way it was used to be?

Thanks for your feedback.