model 2 – i would like your input on that

C: a person in my life whom I consider a friend didn’t pick me as one of her bridemaids
T: she doesn’t consider me as one of the important people in her life
F: hurt, sad
A: doing things for her so she will consider me as one of her important people
R: feeling worthless and not being myself.

I also asked myself this question:
why does it bother me that she doesn’t see me as a close friend?
answer: because she is such a love person. She spreads love all around her. She’s caring, fun and I would feel special and feel better if she would choose my as one of her closest friends
I feel so excluded if I imagine her wedding day and me not be one of her bridemaids.

I notice that behavior about me that as soon one person is secure and loves his/her life I HAVE/WANT to be in their lives.

C: same
T: she gets to do whatever she does and it’s okay. You are still beautiful, fun and lovely not matter what. You don’t need her cause you have yourself.
F: peace, love, strong
A: cheer her on and be happy for her
R: I’m happy with myself