Model 5/6/20

• Conversation with friend
• Reflecting fore-see a problem
• In 1 week we will start to come out of lock down
• Wfh until early june
• Doesn’t want to go any where
• Complain
• Sees 2 groups the people, those who want to go back to old habits and those that want to remain safe
• Company asked how can we increase growth and increase sales
• Disagrees with approach & socializing
• Feeling of risk
• Resentful of people in who want to go into old habits
• Anger and annoyed


I was doing a model for a peer and came up with this.

She told me her friend was telling her about how their country was going to start opening up next week. She sees people in two groups, those that want to remain safe and won’t come out and those that will come out, disregard safety protocols and essentially go back to old habits. She said she’s feeling anger, resentment and annoyance toward the latter group.

This is the model I came up with
C: Friend said ‘the country is going to start opening up next week”
T: people are going to act irresponsibly / people are going to act stupid / not behaving as they should
F: Resentment
A: look for evidence, notice it, get worried and angry, judgmental
R: I’m not behaving as I should

I have 3 T’s there because we were trying in different thoughts. I came up with “I’m not behaving as I should” because it tied back to her thought that people are not behaving as they should.

This is the intentional model

C: Friend said ‘the country is going to start opening up next week”
T: Everyone is doing their best
F: Compassion
A: Giving people the benefit of the doubt, think of all the examples of “good” that came out of this experience
R: I’m doing my best, I’m acting as my best self

She was having trouble having compassion and I asked if should could think of other times where people acted responsibly and all the examples where people have really helped out other people in this event. Those that helped others when they didn’t need to.

How did I do?

thank you.