Model 9/2/20

I’ve a peer who in my thoughts, doesn’t do his job.

C: Email said “the new environment won’t help you because….”
T: J doesn’t do his job
F : Annoyed
A: Ruminate, think about complaining to our boss, think about all the times in the past where he didn’t do his job
R: I don’t do my job?

If my R is true, what is my job? I assume its show up as an emotional adult.
As an emotional adult I recognize that I am responsible for how I feel, I don’t play the victim ….

I know my thoughts are creating my feelings, even though a tiny part of my EC is crying out, I’m letting the child cry out and doing the thought work as an EA to process this.

I recognize that “J doesn’t do this job” is a thought and therefore may not be true. From his perspective he likely did his job. His model would give him the result that he did his job.

As the facts as they are, this a case of it is what it is and now what (am I going to do)?

Thank you