Model 9/28/20

I did this model and am not sure I like my R. On Friday I told my pm that I would complete X for this project. I ran into some issues and it was more complex than I had anticipated and I did not get it done.

I was getting frustrated because it was complex and that prevented me from getting it done, meaning I quit working on it early because I realized that if I had to factor in for Y, then it was going to take me even longer. I quit early thinking I would do it over the weekend which I did not.

C:I did not complete X on Friday (for work)
T: I should have completed it on Friday
F: Annoyed
A: Didn’t work on it over the weekend like I had planned,
ruminated on it, ignored it, blamed my company, blamed my pm
R: I didn’t complete it on Friday.

I know that ‘should have completed it is subjective’ and nothing will become of it in the long run.

Thank you