Model about a coworker

Hi Brooke,
When I began writing my lifes purpose I came up with….
Be an example of what is possible and because of this, inspire and lift up other women.
At first it seemed like I was doing this all the time anyway but as life unfolds I have observed myself sometimes going unconscious and acting out of negative emotions like insecurity etc.
So now I am thinking I have A LOT of work to do. Which is really great!

For about 2 years there has been a lot of tention with a coworker at work. I would love it if we could be friends or at least genuninly like each other. So I have tried to be friendly, professional etc and there is most usually this coldness underneath her demeanor towards me. It bothers me. Last night she sent an email that was confrontational and slightly rude regarding a work issue.
So I sent one back that addressed her concerns and then told her that I thought the tone in her communication was insulting.
So obviously I need to work a model on this – because I wish i just didn’t care what she says or does. When I read the email I tried to “feel ” my feelings and not resist. I became hot and my heart beat was rapid. I was agitated and couldn’t focus on anything but this exchange. I was pissed!
So here is my model….
C- Coworker
T- She doesn’t respect me
F- Angry
A- Sucked into drama
R- Missing opportunity to live lifes purpose

C- Coworker
T- She respects me and values me
F- Supported
A- Support and love coworker
R- Living life purpose

Is this the right idea?