Model about Boss at Work

I tried to just do a model on having thoughts/feelings triggered by my boss sending an early morning email, especially because I have some upcoming scheduled days off. I know my thoughts likely aren’t true but they’re starting a negative spiral I’d like to stop, but I can’t figure out how the end result proves the thought. My model started as follows:

C: Boss sends email [at specific time in morning]

T: She’s trying to catch the fact that I’m not in the office yet, she feels like I constantly have to come early/work late and don’t deserve time off

F: Angry, annoyed, stressed, agitated

A: Rush back to office to answer email ASAP

R: I get into office early/as soon as possible? [I can’t think of what goes here]

I’m trying to think of what thought would be proved by the result in the R line, I’d appreciate any help. Thanks!