Model about relationship with myself

I’ve been doing the how to enjoy being you workbook, I’m on the 3rd week, and I’m learning so much!

At the end of each day, it needs an intentional model, results line first.

C: Relationship and teamwork dynamic between my past, present, and future selves
T: I’ve got my own back.
F: Trust

A: Don’t make big life-altering decisions without having a “meeting of the minds”
A: Take each “self’s” individual preferences into account when making plans, executing, or dreaming big
A: Celebrate together and reward each other when things go well
A: Get curious when we’re experiencing a negative emotion
A: Build rapport by showing up when I say I’m going to
A: I execute with my present self, keeping “future me” in mind
A: I rewrite the past into a more positive story
A: I don’t react to urges to go off of the plans past me made; I honor and defend those plans in the moment
A: I communicate with my future self about how to achieve my dreams
A: I don’t beat myself up for failures and mistakes I made in the past, or ahead of time
A: I make realistic, but challenging plans that I know are in my best long-term interest

R: I build a strong team between past, present, and future me.

I also tossed around the feeling of connection for this model. I don’t have much experience feeling trust or connection yet, so I’m still playing around with that.

I’m wondering if I should tweak the result based on the thought, possibly switching them? Or changing the thought to be “We’ve got each other’s backs.”

A possible result could be “I have my own back.” but I don’t necessarily feel like that’s as compelling or descriptive of what I wanted my intentional result to be.

Would love some feedback on this. Thanks coaches!