Model about weight loss

My unintentional model is :

C thinking about weight loss
T I need to deprive myself to lose weight
F fear
A wanting to smoke, wanting to buffer to not feel the withdrawal, thinking “it’s not going to be bearable, I’m not going to be able to go through this, I’m going to be suffering”
R: I create deprivation ahead of time with my thoughts

I processed my fear and it appeared that what I was really afraid of was to be alone, abandoned to face this withdrawal emotion just like when I was a kid. After I processed fear, some beautiful thoughts popped up in my mind and I picked up this one: I’ll be there to support myself.

My intentional model becomes:

C thinking about my weight loss
T I’ll be there to support myself
F accompanied (not left alone, abandoned)
A: not think I’m alone, not think I’m abandoned, feel daring, thinking “I can totally do this, I can totally handle it, it’s within my reach, I’m going to do it, I’m going to create my protocol and I’m going to stick to it,” not creating fear, not creating deprivation
R I create self-support/I’m there for me

Are my models ok?
Are my results ok?